Dekleva-Combret Vineyard

Golden Mile Bench, Oliver

Southwest of the town of Oliver, this vineyard contains some of the oldest Chardonnay plantings in Canada. Located beneath Mt. Kobau and the Thompson Plateau, these vines are approaching 50 years of age. Of unknown origin, the vines are an extraordinarily distinctive Chardonnay clone named Dekleva in honour of the family who planted this vineyard.

The predominantly gravelly and sandy loam soils that define this site originated from fluvial fan deposits of the mountain above.

The neighbouring hills moderate the region’s typical extreme temperatures, allowing the mature vines to ripen fruit longer than vineyards on the opposite side of the Valley.

These factors impart an exotic character to the wines while preserving the grape’s natural acidity, delivering beautifully complex and elegant wines.

Complexity + Elegance