Hand Harvested
Wild Fermentation
Unfined and Unfiltered
Winemaking Process

The Chardonnay clusters arrive at the winery in small picking containers, where each bunch is inspected​,​ and hand sorted. The whole bunches are then gently pressed. 

Naturally​​​-​occurring yeasts compete as each batch ferments, imparting layers of texture and nuance. Malolactic fermentation gradually softens the wines as they cellar in oak.

During barrel fermentation and maturation, winemakers carefully undertake a regimen of bâtonnage. This periodic stirring of the lees in the barrel refines the texture and mouthfeel of the finished wine. Using a variety of vessels​,​ from French cooperages to concrete eggs, allow​s​ us to bring out texture and complexity.

Finally, the finished wine goes to bottle — unfined and unfiltered, to preserve a complete expression of Chardonnay and the terroir.