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Osoyoos East Bench

Sitting above Osoyoos Lake Bench adjacent to the US-Canadian border, this bench has vineyards with varying aspects, elevations and row orientations, all situated in sandy, glacial deposit soils.

These warmer sites, moderated by the Lake, produce classic and well-structured Merlots with a pure fruit expression.


Black Sage Bench

Our vineyards are nestled in the Okanagan Highland foothills of the Black Sage Bench, just southeast of the town of Oliver. The porous nature of the soil produces low-yielding, small grape clusters concentrated in flavour.

This site borders the wilderness, where mustangs roam free.


Osoyoos West Bench

Gently undulating vineyard sites, well drained sandy soils and near perfect row orientation with abundant sun exposure combine to produce Merlots with refined red fruit flavours.


Golden Mile Bench

Southwest of the town of Oliver, this bench is defined by predominantly gravelly and course Stemwinder, Ponderosa and Ratnip soils. Situated on the cooler side of the valley, the fruit produced showcases powerful flavours backed by keen acidity.


Oliver North

Tucked into the eastern mountains just south of McIntyre Bluff, this site is moderated by shadows cast during late summer afternoons. The vines thrive in soils with near optimal organic material and nutrients to produce full bodied savoury Merlots.