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Lunar New Year 2020 Silent Bishop Merlot

Lunar New Year 2020 Silent Bishop Merlot
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Ignite the Spirit of the Dragon with our 2020 Silent Bishop and celebrate the 2024 Lunar New Year.

On the palate, experience the majestic embodiment of the dragon through blueberry and black fruits, their flavors enhanced by the wisdom of tobacco, the allure of mocha, and the herbal influences that weave a tapestry of tradition. Like the dragon's harmonious dance, the well-balanced acidity and bright tannins gracefully intertwine, producing a wine that resonates with harmony, length, and intensity.

In each sip, discover the perfect pairing of tradition and modernity, creating a symphony that echoes the joyous festivities of the Lunar New Year. May this wine be a celebration in itself, capturing the essence of the Year of the Dragon with every nuanced note, leaving a lasting impression as profound as the dragon's roar.

$100 | per Lunar New Year Collectible Bottle