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Membership Program - Six Bottles

Two unique shipments of six bottle configurations delivered to you twice a year, handpicked by winemaker Phil McGahan.


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Once you’ve signed-up, you will receive the most recent member’s shipment. Following that, bi-annual shipments are scheduled for spring and fall. Each of your bi-annual shipments will be hand-picked by winemaker, Phil McGahan. The shipments will highlight the subtle, but significant differences that soil and mesoclimate impart on our wines.

All members will receive complimentary ground shipping on all orders. As a member, you are welcome to stop by the winery anytime whether it be to taste the newest release, sample from a barrel, introduce friends to CheckMate, or just to have a chat with the CheckMate team and take in the spectacular setting.

For assistance customizing your order, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at membership@checkmatewinery.com

Club Choices
CheckMate - Spring 2022 Curated 6 Bottle Shipment

1x 2018 Attack - $115 - Exclusive Members Release

1 x 2018 Fool's Mate Chardonnay - $95 - Exclusive Members Release

1x 2018 Knight's Challenge Chardonnay - $95 - Exclusive Members Release

1x 2018 End Game Merlot - $95 - Exclusive Members Release

1x 2018 Silent Bishop Merlot - $95 - Exclusive Members Release

1 x 2015 Fool's Mate Chardonnay - $95

This is your default shipment selection totalling $590 plus applicable taxes. If you prefer, you can customize your shipment or select from our Member Library Wines, available exclusively to CheckMate Members.  Should you desire other wines not listed here, please contact us directly. 

If you would like to make changes to your default shipment:

1. Select ‘0’ from the drop-down menu for the wines you do not wish to include

2. Select desired quantity from the drop-down menu for wines that you do wish to include.  *Note some wines may have a maximum order quantity due to limited stock.

3. If you have made changes, ensure you confirm them by hitting the button at the bottom of the page.  You will then receive a confirmation email. 

4.  Please note that your customized order will be processed once it has been received to ensure wines with limited availability are processed based on a first come, first served basis. 

Our team is here to make this process seamless for you.  Please contact us at membership@checkmatewinery.com if you have any questions or concerns.

2018 Attack Chardonnay - $115 ( 0 min max )
2018 Fools Mate Chardonnay - $95 ( 0 min max )
2018 Knights Challenge Chardonnay - $95 ( 0 min max )
2018 Silent Bishop Merlot - $95 ( 0 min max )
2018 End Game Merlot - $95 ( 0 min max )
2015 Fool's Mate Chardonnay - $95
2013 Attack Chardonnay - $115 - Only 72 Bottles Available
2014 Capture Chardonnay - $95 - 150 Bottles Available
2014 Fool's Mate Chardonnay - $95
2014 Queen Taken Chardonnay - $125 - Only 70 Bottles Available
2015 Attack Chardonnay - $115 - 190 Bottles Available
2015 Black Rook Merlot - $95 - 120 Bottles Available
2015 Capture Chardonnay - $95 - Only 30 Bottles Available
2015 Opening Gambit Merlot - $95 - 215 Bottles Available
2016 Attack Chardonnay - $115 - Only 36 Bottles Available
2016 Capture Chardonnay - $95 - Only 48 Bottles Available
2016 Opening Gambit Merlot - $95 - Only 36 Bottles Available
2017 Silent Bishop - $95
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